How Our Beeswax is Different

We source our beeswax from a local bee farm in Northern Wisconsin. The bee farm purifies the wax once. It then gets purified a second and even third time by our supplier who runs it through filters. When we pick up our wax it comes in beautiful golden blocks, all ready to melt down for our candles. Yes, we could just buy in bulk online, but we prefer to get our beeswax straight from a source so we know that it is 100% pure. We have gotten to know the woman who does the 3rd purification and she has very high standards for the beeswax that gets passed on to you.
Our company is family run so we love to support others who also own family businesses. Most beeswax you find online or in a store does not perform the same way as the beeswax we use in our candles. Trust us, we've tried a lot! Others don’t smell as good as ours does and tunnels when burned. Our beeswax smells like heavenly honey, purifies the air of toxins, pollutants, and allergens, and burns amazingly well! Not only is our beeswax amongst the purest wax out there, but our wicks are also completely free of lead, zinc, and heavy metals. They are made from organic cotton so you know from start to finish your Welch Candle Company candle is 100% nontoxic.
We prefer to keep things simple around here. Hand poured beeswax candles that are toxic free, fragrance free, and permeate your home with a delicious aroma that also purifies your air!